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Discover new, personal insights made possible by our Life Sensing Technology®

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 The wearable you have been waiting for. 

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The VSC Proof-of-Sensing (PoSe) Verifies and Secures Your Data


Discover the Helo Difference

Data-driven devices that deliver health and wellness information, and other benefits too.

LifeWatch Generation 2

Accurate, real-time tracking of your health & wellness.

Meet this Best-in-Class Wearable

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LifeWatch Lite SE

A streamlined smartwatch that is anything but Light on features. Thin, stylish, and highly capable, the LifeWatch Lite SE is an ideal tool to help you crush your wellness goals.

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Leggera 2 smart scale

Using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), Leggera captures 19 different measurements related to your body composition and automatically shares this data with the Helo Smart App on your smartphone.

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Advanced Measurements, Increased Knowledge

Enjoy a deeper understanding of your health

Please note that some features are not available in all markets