The NutraLife AI App
AI analysis and tracking of your nutritional status

The NutraLife AI App and BioStrip give you instant understanding of your body’s current nutritional biomarkers. Ten different nutritional parameters measured accurately and tracked over time. Understanding your body in real time is the foundation of daily wellness.

BioStrips  measure 10 important aspects of your health based on bio-data


An essential mineral, used in the body for healthy bones and teeth, muscle contractions, and nerve function regulation.


Ketones in your urine can be an indication that the body can't get enough glucose to use as an energy source so it begins to burn ketones as an alternative.


Maintaining hydration is crucial for wellness as every bodily function, tissue, and organ requires water.​


Generally not present in urine, though some conditions might cause it to leak into your urine.​​


Helps you determine how your diet affects your urine's acidity. It can also be a general indicator of kidney health.


Important for immune system functions, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, and the production of energy. It can also support improved mood and sleep.

Vitamin C

This antioxidant is a vital nutrient for wellness. It supports immune functioning and helps neutralize harmful free radicals.​

Oxidative Stress

Occurs when your body does not have enough antioxidants to counter free radicals. When unaddressed, it can lead to cell damage and contribute to chronic conditions.​


Supports numerous functions in the body, but excess sodium can be detrimental to long-term health.


A sugar, glucose is the primary building block the body uses for the production of energy. Normally, urine contains very little or no glucose. But if you have too much glucose in your blood, your kidneys will get rid of some through your urine.

The insights you receive from NutraLife AI help guide your choices toward improving your wellness. There’s no substitute for the increased knowledge and awareness NutraLife AI gives you.


As you test week after week, you can track your progress over time within the app. See how your positive lifestyle choices add up to better results.


NutraLife AI will link with NutraMatic to provide intelligent, personalized nutrition in real time.