Acceleration Plethysmography

A fancy term for an optical measurement that can be used to estimate cardiovascular aging. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, making early detection of this family of conditions and reducing related risk factors important for increasing the quality of life for millions around the world.

  • Arteries stiffen with age, which can be detected by increased pulse wave velocity, or PWV. Premature arterial aging can be detected through PWV.
  • PWV is correlated to age, blood pressure (BP) and arteriosclerosis and is a strong predictor for cardiovascular disease.
  • Optical measurement of the pulse wave is accurate and widely accepted.
  • Numerous studies have shown APG is useful for evaluating vascular aging.
  • Helo uses proprietary algorithms to decipher the reading and report the vascular age.
  • Someone whose vascular age is notably higher than their real age should consult with a doctor. 

Acceleration Plethysmography (APG)

To learn more about the APG feature, download and review our quick guide. For a more technical understanding of APG and the science behind this feature, you can read the complete guide.

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