Blood Oxygen

Oxygen has an indispensable role in cellular function, and therefore in sustaining most forms of
life. Blood oxygen, or SpO2, can be optically measured from a Helo wearable - and accurately
interpreted through proprietary algorithms - giving users valuable insight into this important

  • Oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin respond differently to light, allowing for pulse oximetry to estimate the oxygen content in circulating blood.
  • Blood oxygen levels are typically 95 to 100 percent. A saturation below 90 percent is hypoxemia, and anything below 80 percent is life-threatening.
  • ​Helo devices enable continuous and on-demand readings of oxygen in the blood.

Blood Oxygen (SpO2)

To learn more about the SpO2 feature, download and review our quick guide. For a more technical understanding of Sp02 and the science behind this feature, you can read the complete guide.

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