Your Scale is Lying to You
See the truth with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

It’s okay, a typical scale just doesn’t know any better. All it can tell you is a single number — your weight. What about your body composition and your overall health?

The truth is out there!
Finding it can be as easy as using a Helo device.

Our BioSense health band and LifeWatch Generation 2 wearables, and the Leggera 2 smart scale, are equipped with electrodes enabling Biolectrical Impedance Analysis. This technique provides a comprehensive evaluation of body composition:

  • The device sends a safe, minimal electrical current through the body (you won’t even feel it).
  • The current reacts to water in the body, which is stored primarily in muscles.
  • Muscle and fat react differently to the current, which enables the measurements.

In seconds, your Helo device — through proprietary algorithms on the back end — returns almost 20 body composition measurements.

These metrics include Total Body Water, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Body Cellular Mass, Body Mass Index, Skeleton Weight, and many more. With this broader, more specific understanding of numerous elements of your body composition, you can take the guesswork out of your wellness and fitness goals!

Make more informed decisions about your diet and exercise plans, as BIA reports help you track progress — or see areas of concern — with pinpoint accuracy.

Say goodbye to your boring scale and say “Helo” to a comprehensive understanding of your body composition with BIA!

Try the BIA feature now and explore the wealth of information it gives you.

The Accuracy is Built In
Advanced technology that is easy to use