Do I need to calibrate BioSense on first use?

Yes, when using the device for the first time, a blood pressure calibration is recommended to effectively use blood pressure measurement with the fingertip sensor.

  1. Log into the App and go to “Device” page.
  2. Scroll to “Blood pressure calibration”. Tap on it.
  3. Enter the blood pressure value measured by the sphygmomanometer, fill in your information, and click “Done”.
  4. At this point, the calibration process on the Band will start. Click “Start” to the po up that opens. Click on “Calibration” on the next page, place your fingertip on the Band sensor and follow the instructions displayed on the App.
  5. The calibration will be completed within 60 seconds. When complete, click on “Measurement”.
  6. Start the Blood Pressure measurement following the instructions displayed on the screen.
  7. Your Blood Pressure measurement will be completed within 35 seconds. Click on the “Finish” button when the measurement is completed.
Please note: We recommend you calibrate Blood Pressure every 20 days to optimize measurements.
BioSense Brochure