How do I launch health measurements with BioSense?

Through the App:

  1. Log into the App and go to the “Data” page.
  2. Scroll through the health features and tap on the one you want to measure.
  3. Click on the “Measurement” button and follow the instructions displayed on the App screen.

Through the Band:

You can measure Blood Pressure directly without using the App.

  1. When the Band is powered on, quickly double-click the touch button.
  2. The dark blue light will flicker, indicating that the initiation is successful. Place your finger on the sensor to begin the measurement; otherwise it will automatically cancel. 
  3. The sensor light will turn off and the dark blue light will flicker again to indicate that the measurement is complete.

If the measurement fails, a red light will flicker.


How do I turn BioSense on and off?