Can my Health Data be deleted from the LifeWatch?

Yes, it can happen. The reasons may vary; the following are some of the ways data may be deleted:

1. Data was not uploaded into the Smart App for too long:

Generally, 7-10 days of data can be stored into the LifeWatch - depending on the amount of personal data collected per day, which includes health data and sports activities - then the old data will be overwritten by the new data (the overwritten old data will be cleared from the LifeWatch). The app will not be able to synchronize the old overwritten data.

2. LifeWatch reset:

Resetting the watch may cause the clearing of all data recorded by the LifeWatch (if the device does not sync with the Smart App before resetting, this section of the data will not be synced to the app anymore).

3. Other reasons:

If your watch has the wrong date (e.g., May 2nd, when it’s in fact May 3rd), all the measurement data will be cleared after you the correct date with the time calibration in the app.

To learn more:

If you need assistance to synchronize LifeWatch’s data with the app, you can follow this tutorial.

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