Does the LifeWatch Generation 2 measure the air quality index (AQI)?

Yes, LifeWatch Generation 2 uses an excellent public sensor network of air quality, obtained by the Artificial Intelligence Analysis to examine the air quality index (AQI) around you. By limiting your exposure to bad quality air, this feature makes it easier to keep your health preserved long-term and to ultimately reduce any risks of potential lung or heart disease.

You can check the Air Quality Index (AQI) on your device by swiping down from the main screen. In the first screen you’ll see displayed the value number of the air quality detected. Value scale:

  • 0 - 50: Good
  • 51 - 100: Moderate
  • 101 - 150: Unhealthy for sensitive groups
  • 151 - 200: Unhealthy
  • 201 - 300: Very unhealthy
  • > 300: Hazardous

By sliding the screen to the left, you’ll see the “Pollutant” page with all the technical values of the pollutant elements detected by your device.

Sliding to the left again, you’ll access a “Health advices” page, with tips regarding the actions to take in relation to the air quality.

Watch Generation 2 menu navigation.