A Change to How Your BioStrip Results Appear in the NutraLife AI App
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A change is coming to the NutraLife AI™ app on Saturday, Dec. 23.

Users who are not registered in a NAP will see a change to their BioStrip™ results. From December 23, non-NAP participants’ results will be expressed by emoticons only (see below). Also, protein and glucose biomarker results will no longer be provided. To avoid this change to your view, you can register to participate in a NAP now.

NutraLife AI app emoticon view (for non-NAP participants)

We are implementing this change to comply with government regulations involving testing of this type. However, participants who register in one of our NAPs are officially enrolled in an investigational research study, and will therefore be able to view their full, unfiltered results, along with their protein and glucose biomarkers (see image below).

NutraLife AI app view for participants enrolled in a NAP

It is easy to enroll in a NAP. Just review and accept the Terms & Conditions when prompted by your NutraLife AI app. If you want to register for the next NAP and you have not been prompted to do so, just go to the Profile section of your NutraLife AI app, select NAP status and complete the registration process.
Participation in NAP1 closes Friday, Dec. 22. If you are happy to share your data for research purposes, or having a detailed view of your results is important to you — along with seeing outcomes for protein and glucose — opt in for the next NAP through your NutraLife AI app.

Remember, everyone who completes the NAP program will enjoy priority access to purchase a NutraMatic™ at a special NAP participant price!

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The NutraLife AI Team

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