What You Need. When You Need It.

Enable this profound change in how we think about wellness by sharing your biodata
to help train our AI.

By using BioStrip™ and the NutraLife AI™ app together, you have a convenient and powerful way of deciphering your biodata. This valuable knowledge about your wellness will help you take control and make better choices.

NutraMatic™ — revealed at the 2023 vGeneration International Convention — will enable you to transform your wellness. It is your AI-personalized nutrient provider!
Our AI uses your biodata gathered from your wearable and BioStrips to optimize the selection of supplements that your body needs, and then provides your specific instructions to your NutraMatic.

This advanced machine then delivers your unique combination of supplements, optimized to match your body’s needs for that precise point in time, and all within your home! Say goodbye to the generic, "one-size-fits-all supplements", and to wondering which supplements you need. 
NutraMatic will be launched and start shipping within six months. Between now and then, YOU can assess your biomarkers and, in addition, contribute your data to train our artificial intelligence engine. YOU can help ensure this otherworldly device gets to know you better in advance and is ready to deliver your personalized supplement combo, optimized to your needs!

This is your opportunity to join the NutraLife AI Program (NAP), an international investigational study. It is designed to gather and analyze participant biomarker and biometric data which will be used to train our NutraLife AI knowledge domain and provide an even more personalized solution to our customers.

Over the period of the NAP, not only will you be helping our AI development, but you will also help yourself as we start to release ChatGPT-generated wellness advice derived from your biodata. You will also get priority early access to NutraMatic. NAP 1 participants will get access before NAP 2 participants, who will get access before NAP 3 participants. In addition, all participants who complete the NAP successfully will be eligible for the discounted NAP participant NutraMatic price.
If you’re ready to join, simply opt in from the NutraLife AI app. You’ll need a Helo wearable and a 24 week BioStrip bundle so you can provide biodata for the entire build-up period*.

To make it easy to get started,
Helo is offering three different NAP packs.

NAP Pack

6 BioStrip Packs (sufficient for those who have volunteered for the NAP study) + 1 FREE PACK for a friend

NAP Pack+

The NAP Pack + your choice of BioSense™ health band

NAP Pack+ Family

4 NAP Packs+

These packs will ship as soon as you place your order so NAP volunteers have everything they need to participate in this international investigative study.

Purchase a NAP Pack

As an added bonus, and a way of thanking participants for training our AI engine, those who successfully complete the study will be eligible for priority early access to purchase their NutraMatic at the exclusive NAP volunteer price! 

Joining this program is an incredible opportunity to support amazing innovation and to transform your wellness. 

We thank you for contributing your data to this study and when you receive your NutraMatic, we’re confident you will thank us! 

Your pioneering assistance is a key part of this launch.

Open the NutraLife AI app and get started today!

*The NAP has a Joining period (Nov. 14, 2023, to Dec. 9, 2023), and a build-up period of 24 weeks (Dec. 10, 2023, to May 26, 2024).

To successfully complete the NAP, participants must complete a BioStrip test every week during the build-up period (24 tests). 

Check the updated NAP period dates here.
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